Installation Guide

A detailed explanation of how to install 360 Omnium Spinner to your Shopify store.

Add 360 Omnium Spinner to your store

You can add our app to your store from the Shopify App Store. After installation, you will have to accept recurring payment starting at $7.99 per month (first 7 days are free to use). If you uninstall the app within this trial period, you will not be charged.

Step 1: Create a bunch of product spinners

Click on the "Manage Spinners" button from the first step on the dashboard and create a bunch of product spinners.

360 Omnium Spinner, help a

The creation process is self-explanatory. Just pay attention to the messages and alerts within the application.

360 Omnium Spinner, help b 360 Omnium Spinner, help c 360 Omnium Spinner, help d

Step 2: Enable ScriptTag for Storefront

We suggest using our component because it's simple, light, and easy to use. You can turn it on from the application dashboard:

360 Omnium Spinner, help e

Also, you can disable this component if you want to briefly hide the spinners from visitors (for example, when you want to update them). Just don't forget to enable it back!

Step 3: Add a spinner to necessary page(s)

There are several ways how to add spinners to your pages. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most convenient option.

360 Omnium Spinner, help f

Check your spinners on the storefront

Now, open your page on the storefront (as you open all other pages). If everything is done correctly, you should see the spinners there.

360 Omnium Spinner, help g 360 Omnium Spinner, help h

Any issues?

If you're struggling with product spinners placement or facing any other issues, please contact our support team.