360 Omnium Spinner for your Shopify store - make customer experience even better!

360 Omnium Spinner is an interactive way to show every detail of your product. Increase conversion rate by showing all sides of your products and making customers confident from the very first interaction.

Starting at $7.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.

Available on Shopify App Store Demo

360 Omnium Spinner Showcase


More sales - Less effort

All about revenue increase - just because customers may have a close look at the product, they could dispel any doubts on it and decide to purchase easily. With 360 Omnium Spinner, you also reduce the chance that the product will be returned due to customer’s expectation mismatch.

A better experience - Happy customers

360 Omnium Spinner gives customers more options to gain complete information on every detail and each angle. Also, it decreases the number of questions to customer support.

Be outstanding - Leave no chance to the competitors

360 Omnium Spinner makes the showcase of your store different - customers interact with products instead of just looking at ordinary images of products.


  • Quick Installation in just 3 easy steps
  • Publish Spinners next to your product details
  • Easy image upload with Drag & Drop
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • 3 themes for a spinner
  • 3 modes for product spinning
  • Zoom & Full-Screen modes
  • Custom CSS support

Installation Process


Create a few 360 Omnium Spinners

Upload images with drag & drop, tune spinning settings, connect a product.


Enable ScriptTag for Storefront

It's necessary for displaying spinners on your store.


Publish spinners on product pages or any other pages

There are 4 ways to publish spinners, choose the most convenient one and enjoy the product look!

Explore installation guide to learn more.

Our App is PARTNER FRIENDLY. Ready to try?

360 Omnium Spinner app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your development stores (for up to 10 widgets)!