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360 Omnium Spinner is created to provide store visitors with the ability to view 360 product photography and to spin it. Spinner does emulate a 3D model of your products. All you need is to upload a set of photos and link it to the product. 360 Omnium Spinner will stitch it into one 360 photography / 3D models.

Application is available on Shopify App Store, you can use this link to navigate there. Follow the instruction on the Shopify App Store page.

As of now, the application does work on the Shopify platform only, so you have to install it to your store. However, you can evaluate the product, tune the settings and see a preview before publishing spinners on actual product pages. Also, you can have a short demo just to get an idea of how it looks like.

To cancel your subscription, simply uninstall the app from your store and Shopify will cancel the subscription automatically.

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